On October 30th we took to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire where Tony was dressed as a pirate and honored as the Pirate King for the day as he cruised around in his custom H.M.S. Titan ship stroller, named after Tony’s Titans.

It was an amazing time, and while Tony’s mood was hampered a bit by his situation on and off throughout the day, he really enjoyed it and has been talking about it ever since.

Sam was “Super Sam”, dressed as Superman (of course), and Leanne, aka “The Other One” as named by Willy Shakespeare, was a pirate princess.  Both had a great time being involved in the events of the day.

Tony smiled and bopped his head along to songs by The Bawdy Buccaneers, Below the Gaffe, and The Rogues.  We came away with some CDs to keep the music going at home and in the car.  Leanne has always been a fan of Cirque du Sewer and Tony really liked seeing the stars up close.  Everyone enjoyed their Dragon Ice Cream, which our kids have been loving for years.  A crocheted skull from Ruth’s Royal Rags & Bags flew under on the H.M.S. Titan and one of their bags helped hold the loot we accumulated throughout the day.  Tony wore a medallion from Pegasus Chain Mail with pirate colors.  Winterberry the fairy presented Tony with a fairy tale and made magic wishes with the boys.

The cast, crew, and vendors were amazing and we are very grateful to everyone who helped make it a special day for our family and group.  So many people beyond those listed above provided fun and support throughout the day.  We know we’ve missed many people, please know how much we appreciated it.

A special thanks to uncle Jeremy who built the H.M.S Titan, let Tony smack him around with balloon swords, and made this special day happen.

Below are some pictures of his Renaissance adventure.